10 WEIRDEST Drugs Kids Are Doing These Days

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    10. Flash Blooding

    flash blooding drugs

    Yes, you heard that correctly. Flash blooding is as scary as the name sounds. The description of this practice is injecting oneself with the blood of another person who has just shot himself up with heroin.

    In a few African countries, many poor users have gotten so desperate to get a high, despite the very real risk of getting AIDS and hepatitis.

    Some doctors speculate that these injectors might be experiencing a placebo effect, which makes the whole process useless and dangerous.


    9. Devil's Breath

    devils breath drugs

    In Colombia, the drug scopolamine or devil's breath is often blown into faces or added into drinks.Within minutes, victims can experience the drug's effects of eliminating free will.

    Devil's breath is made from borrachero tree, a common Colombian tree with a name that roughly translates to drunken binge.

    Some victims have reported not having any control over their actions, which has led them to being robbed or abused, and sometimes worse.


    8. Snapchat Pills

    snapchat pills drugs

    Snapchat can kill you. Of course we're not talking about the social networking app.

    There's a new drug that uses the app's ghost logo on their pills.

    Since 2013, many branded logos like Snapchat, UPS, and even Superman have been stamped on ecstasy tablets.

    Branded pills have become the norm to rebrand any drug.While the logos might seem lighthearted, pills like Snapchat still have the same scary effects of any typical ecstasy pill.


    7. Flakka

    flakka drugs

    The drug flakka has become a five-dollar insanity problem in Florida.

    Causing a high similar to cocaine, this man-made drug comes in white crystal chunks similar to synthetic drugs known as bath salts.

    A small dose of flakka can give you extreme symptoms such as spikes in body temperature and violent behavior.

    There are already crazy flakka user stories ranging from breaking into a police department to going on a nude run in just sneakers.


    6. Nutmeg

    smoking nutmeg to get high drugs

    A sprinkle of nutmeg might be harmless in the kitchen when you're using it for pies or holiday drinks, but in the last few years the favorite spice has become a cheap homemade high.

    Nutmeg contains myristicin, a natural compound that has mind-altering effects if ingested in large doses.

    Or even smoking the spice to get an extreme high that can last for one to two days.


    5. I-dosing

    i-dosing drugs

    In this day and age, kids have found more creative ways to get high and that includes a music method called i-dosing.

    You can see these adolescents on Youtube put on their headphones and try these so-called digital drugs, which is essentially music filled with binaural beats.

    The craze has become popular in the United States, but many doctors don't believe this phenomenon has the same life-threatening effects of some other drugs like cocaine and ecstasy.


    4. Zombie drug

    zombie drugs

    The cheap heroin knockoff known as crocodile or krokodil first surfaced in Russia several years ago, but recent reports state that krokodil has arrived in the United States.

    Injected with a hypodermic needle, the drug can quickly kick in but there's a terrifying side effect.Once the hives break out, the skin rots and takes on scaly green appearance.

    The graphic images of krokodil's effects on users make us wonder why anyone would even try this drug.


    3. Sedating Soda

    Purple Drank Drugs

    This anti-energy drink concept was first introduced in the 2000s with purple drank, a drink with mixed with cough syrup, Sprite, and Jolly Ranchers.

    Purple drank has inspired other companies to create relaxation drinks.

    One example is Canna Cola, a marijuana-infused soda.

    All these drinks use ingredients like cough syrup or other chemicals to help relax the brain, but beware drinkers because the warning labels are filled with health risks like headaches or cardiac arrest.


    2. DIPT

    DIPT drugs

    We know most drugs mess with your vision, but the drug nicknamed DIPT can affect your auditory functions.

    Taking higher doses might even change the user's perception of pitch and every sound seems an octave lower too.

    People who buy these drugs obviously never experienced a live concert before and the effect on their ears. This drug can really mess up your hearing for days or even weeks, so why would anyone think it might be fun to try?


    1. VHS Tea

    VHS tea drugs

    Do you ever wonder what people do with old VHS tapes?

    Well, in South America some people are using these old objects to hallucinate.

    VHS tea is created by boiling a broken VHS tape, batteries, water, guarana powder, and grain alcohol.

    After drinking the tea, there's no notion of space.

    By the next day, you will get a major hangover.

    Isn't it sad how this is the only reason VHS tapes are useful again?

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