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Alcoholism, How to Beat the Monster.

Steps for finding good treatment.

The basics are applicable to other drugs, but I’m going to talk about alcohol specifically. Hopefully this quick article will remove some of the fear and hesitation that you might have, so you can take the next step to ending this madness. Also, before I get into it, just know you can get help over the phone. Theres’ some amazing inpatient and outpatient treatment plans available, that your PPO health insurance will cover.It’s a good time in history to get treatment.

Plus, your insurance will most likely cover the cost. Ideally, inpatient rehab is best. But let’s face it. Not all of us have that kind of opportunity.  A quick word of advice. The longer you wait to get treatment, the worse off you’ll be, down the road.This problem does not go away on its own. You have to confront alcohol addiction to beat it. Let’s get into detox and rehab. The process of getting clean and sober starts with a phone call. This number will connect you with a person who can find you detox and rehab: (844) 214-7455

When you speak to our rehab coordinator, she will ask you a series of simple questions:

  • What are you addicted to?
  • How long have you been having problems?
  • Are you on any other drugs, are you prescribed anything?
  • Do you have insurance?
  • Can you do inpatient treatment?
  • Plus a few more..

Your answers will help our coordinator find you the best treatment center for you.For example, you might not need medical detox, just rehab. Don’t worry. It’s not as scary as it sounds.

What is Medical Detox?

Medical detox is a designed to wean a heavy drinker off of the withdrawal effects of alcohol, over a period of 2 to 5 days.It’s a thousand times better than trying to detox cold turkey, which can kill you.Detoxing times can be shorter or longer, depending on your situation and a ton of variables: like your age general health amount of alcohol you consume and how long you’ve been drinking.Not everyone needs detox.Can’t go a day with out having a drink because you get “the brew shakes”?Then you’ll need detox. Else you can start inpatient or outpatient rehab right away.Surrounding yourself with amazing people, learning the tools to living a healthy, happy, positive and sober life, is what treatment is all about.Ready put alcohol behind you? Call: (844) 214-7455

Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol withdrawal is when you drink a lot of alcohol and then stop drinking and your body kind of “goes crazy”.If you’ve ever tried going a day without drinking and life was miserable, then you were likely experiencing withdrawal symptoms of alcohol.If you go to the doctor and they look to see if you’re in alcohol withdrawal, what they’re going to look for is autonomic hyperactivity.

Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal

  • Sweating a lot
  • A high pulse rate, usually over 100 beats a minute
  • Hand tremors
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Hallucinations and illusions. (I talk about hallucinations and illusions a little bit in another article, Quit Drinking Cold Turkey).
  • A kind of “jumpiness”, called psycho-motor agitation.
  • Also, anxiety and seizures are all common symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.

Now something to keep in mind about withdrawal is that symptoms of the withdrawal are opposite of the effects of the substance.If you’re taking something that makes you relaxed, like pain pills or you’re drinking alcohol or something that creates a sort of sedating effect, then the withdrawal will be usually opposite of the effect.If you are abusing alcohol, then you’ll become jumpy, nervous, and you won’t be able to sleep when you start to withdrawal!Alcohol withdrawal can be pure madness. Call a local Detox or Rehab Now: (844) 214-7455 if you are drinking a lot, then your withdrawal will cause you to be jumpy, nervous, and you won’t be able to sleep! It’s pure madness.If you’re taking some sort of speed or crank or meth or something, which makes you hyper, then usually the withdrawal symptoms are more along the lines of being really tired.It’s not uncommon for somebody who’s withdrawing from cocaine to sleep for a couple days straight….It’s not uncommon for somebody who’s withdrawing from cocaine to sleep for a couple days straight.

What is Alcohol Detox Like?

First of all, let me just share with you that the America Society of Addiction Medicine lists 3 immediate goals for detox of alcohol and other substances as well.Provide a safe withdrawal that allows the patient to become drug-free. Provide withdrawal that’s humane and protects the patient’s dignity.Prepare the patient for ongoing treatment for their dependence. The idea is to take this withdrawal, which can be extremely awful, and make it ‘just bad’, instead of ‘extremely bad’.Medical detox can’t make withdrawals painless, but it can make it a lot better than just laying in your bed and sweating and praying to die.A nurse or doctor will administrator IV fluids to keep you hydrated.A lot of times, alcoholics will go into the hospital severely dehydrated. Also in the later stages of alcoholism, alcoholics usually don’t eat a lot, so their nutrition is just shot, so they give them fluids to help balance electrolytes and nutrition.The core of medical detox is administration of drugs that mimic the effects of the substance of abuse, but on a smaller level.For example, if I’m drinking a case of beer and a bunch of vodka every day and I go in for detox, they’re going to get me hydrated and stabilized first.Then they will give me something like diazepam, in a very controlled amount, and they’ll taper it down over 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 days until it’s nothing. This will ease me off of the substance and get me through the withdrawal without feeling like I’m going to want to pull my hair out.Diazepam, by the way, is basically just Valium. That’s just one example, and there’s different facilities do it different ways. One other important thing to know about alcohol detox is that every time you go through it, it’s less effective and more difficult.One other important thing to know about alcohol detox is that every time you go through it, it’s less effective and more difficult.If you can go through detox one time and get clean and sober, that’s the ideal situation.If you can’t, please just keep trying.Most people don’t get it right on the first try or the second or third, and some people have to try a lot of times.Rehab is definitely something worth trying over and over until you get it right.Rehab is definitely something worth trying over and over until you get it right. We understand that addiction to alcohol and drugs is a disease and not just a matter of choice. Many addicts and alcoholics would get clean and sober if they had the opportunity to do so. The most difficult obstacle for most people is the detox process. Fear of withdrawal symptoms, not being able to use or get drunk again, and the decision to change a very familiar habit are some of the many excuses for not seeking the help that they deserve.The sheer thought of going to detox is the most frightening thing that many addicts can fathom. The sheer thought of going to detox is the most frightening thing that many addicts can fathom.An Addict can get so accustomed to feeling the way alcohol or drugs make them feel that they don’t know what is going to happen, once they are clean and sober.For example, when I was overcoming addiction, I literally thought that alcohol was my vice, was my drug, and it was, but……prescription pain pills took me down faster and harder than any drink I ever drank did.Trying to stop on my own was scary. It just didn’t work. I could not do it. I’d wake up, and say I wouldn’t do it. I wasn’t going to start today.And before I knew it, like a zombie, I had automatically figured out how to get more pills. I was hooked and I couldn’t stop.

How Medical Detox Helps Addicts Withdrawal Safely

With medical detox, specialized physicians and 24 hour nursing staff work diligently to help manage and relieve withdrawal symptoms along with any co-occurring medical problems.Medical detox can begin inside a local medical detox facility, so patients feels safe and comfortable through the entire process.Personally, detox was not as bad as I made it out to be in my head. I felt safe, I felt comfortable, I was able to sleep finally. I hadn’t slept for days before I got there.It is worth all the pain you’ll have to go through, if you don’t want to live in fear anymore.If you’re not afraid to die, then don’t be afraid to live.Making the decision to change your life for the better should be embraced rather than feared.We are ready to walk with you on your road to recovery every step of the way. Are you ready to take this journey?

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