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Drug and Alcohol Detox with Rehab

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How We Can Help You

Our job is to help you successfully find treatment for drugs and alcohol. This often starts with detox. We can help you find a local or nationwide detox program, free of charge. In order to use our free services you will need: 

  • PPO or HMO health insurance
  • Be willing to want to quit. No forced entry.
  • Consider inpatient recovery as an option.
  • Be willing to travel out of state if necessary.

Spend more time recovering and less time searching for answers by giving us a call. It's free. Call 855-575-8146

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Consider yourself ready for treatment but your not exactly sure where, or how to pay for it, or how long it will take? Give us a call because everybody has a different set of circumstances.

When you call..

A Recovery Coordinator can get a pretty clear picture over the phone and offer some helpful recommendations. Make sure to let the coordinator know if you need same-day rehab or detox.

Local or out-of-state treatment

Many folks need to get away from their environment. Since Rehab Help Online is a nationwide addiction recovery locator, we have local and out of state options for you.

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We offer fair and professional recovery support. If you or a loved one need to enter into detox or rehab for drugs or alcohol then please call this phone number.


How we can help you

  • Same Day Detox Placement
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Suicidal Thoughts
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Mental Health Treatment
  • Court Mandidated Treatment
  • Drugs and Alcohol Only
  • 30+ Day Inpatient
  • Comprehensive Care

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Make contact, and we'll to the rest. We have local and out of state options for detox and inpatient drug rehab treatment.


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