The Best Rehab in Florida? It Was For Me!

How I Found the Best Rehab in Florida and Beat Drug Addiction

alocohol withdrawal

Hi there, my name is Louise from Clearwater, Florida.

I was in so much pain, after a car accident, that it led to a dangerous painkiller addiction.

I didn’t think drug addiction could ever happen to me. I began realizing that prescription drugs was becoming a problem and was ruining my life, so I knew I had to quit straight away.

I tried to quit on my own and failed, so I needed to find the help of a good recovery center that specialized in pain pill addiction and understood how to help me over come my problem.

I felt confused and disorientated at first, because there are so many drug rehabs to research. There are good rehabs, and bad rehabs. Cheap rehabs and luxury rehabs.

I tried calling as many as I could, just to find the right one for me.

Finding a inpatient drug rehab can be overwhelming. I started with the phone book and quickly moved to google.

To be honest, I was apprehensive but I did call a drug addiction treatment hotline from google.

Just one call, and I felt much more comfortable and better informed. I had insurance through my employer, which opened up more opportunities. And after a few minutes on the phone, they had matched me with much better inpatient rehab center, that specialized in pain pill addiction and was near me.

The match for me was amazing and spot on, and I couldn’t have asked for any better.

I chose what is called inpatient rehab care and it lasted 30 days.

My family was still able to be there for me and to support me which was great and my health insurance covered everything.

That was like taking a lot of stress out of it, especially financial stress.

Now I can celebrate because I’ve been off for pain killers and any drugs now for about 23 months.

Every treatment center you’ll find is different.

You will have to match and find one right for you. One that’s going to support your needs and especially your personality and everything.

I tell anyone who will listen because it’s helpful if you call a drug addiction helpline.

I was actually surprised how quick and friendly they were. Getting help was a lot easier than I thought and it should be for you too.

Don’t be put-off, start researching now because finding a Drug Rehab that fits you or a loved ones needs is critical to beating a drug or alcohol addiction.

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alocohol withdrawal