Call our Mental Health Crisis Helpline and Start Inpatient Treatment Today

How To Get Over Your Mental Health Crisis Without Feeling Alone And Helpless

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Are you suffering from a mental health of substance abuse Crisis?

Get Treatment at one of our nearby treatment centers. Call (855) 338-1080. A counselor, from one of our nearby crisis centers will be able to assist you and explain our services. Don't stress.

Who is Our Crisis Helpline For?

Our center is for those who are suffering from a mental health or substance abuse crisis and is need of inpatient treatment. Please have your health insurance card on hand when you make the call. The type of insurance you have helps the counselor make a more informed decision as to where you should get treatment.

Who is our Crisis Line not for?

  • Need a Suicide Hotline - First things first. Call 1-800-273-8255, this is the national suicide hotline. Call 855-338-1080 for a suicidal help center
  • Mild mental health conditions - If you're condition is mild and does not require inpatient mental health care then you probably shouldn't call.
  • Looking for someone to talk too - We get many phone calls from people who are lonely and looking to talk. We are a mental health center looking to help those in need of mental health treatment.

Many clinics and counseling centers provide confidential support and even offer affordable resources or medication if that's what you need.

Our aim is to get you treatment. You are a good fit for us if you need serious inpatient help.

Crisis Counseling Hotline