Drug Detox Facts – How to Safely Get Clean and Sober in Under 7 Days

What is drug detox and how does drug detox work?

The term ‘drug detox’ refers to the process of ridding the body of toxins that accumulate during the abuse of substances.

What Are Withdrawal Symptoms?

Withdrawal symptoms range in severity depending upon the addictive substances and the amount used at the height of addiction. Additional complications arise when more than one addictive substance is abused. Detoxing from more than one substance – for example prescription pills and heroin, or alcohol and cocaine – is physically much more difficult than detoxing from a single substance.

How does drug detox work?

It depends upon the type of detox chosen. Some addicts choose to stop cold-turkey, or all at once.

Quitting cold-turkey is rarely successful, especially when undertaken alone.

Another way is to decrease the dosage of the drug regularly until the user is no longer dependent. When done under supervision this is a more successful method, though withdrawal symptoms may still occur, though less violent but a longer duration.

The most successful drug detox combines a tapering dosage with medical assistance, as well as group therapy and individual counseling. The psychological stress of detox is often just as devastating as the physical stress, and both together contribute to relapse. Best Addiction Rehabs Near You! 

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What Is The Ideal Drug Detox?

There is no one formula for a successful detox. Each individual is different, and will experience withdrawal symptoms in different degrees and intensities. A drug detox that attends to all aspects of the person’s drug use, and works to remove all drug residuals, is ideal. The mental as well as the physical dependence on the drug need equal attention for successful drug detox, and treatment and/or maintenance should follow in short order to reduce the incidence of relapse.

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What Prevents An Addict From Getting Medical Detox Treatment?

Medical Detox Treatment

An addicts initial reaction is they’re really scared, that it’s very scary.  Even just the detox alone, a lot of them want to know if it’s going to be painful, if we’re going to be able to help them out with that, and yes, absolutely, we can.

With a medical detox, we try to keep the addict as comfortable as possible without keeping them loaded on the drugs they are addicted to. Even just being away from their life for 30+ days is very overwhelming and it’s scary and we tell them it’s very normal to feel that way, that nobody walks in the door not fearful.

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It’s a very normal feeling. Everybody experiences it, but once they get in, they’re fine. Once one person comes up and talks to them, they’re fine.

Is Detox Necessary Before Going Into treatment?

Detox is just necessary to go into treatment.

The only thing that detox will do is get the addict sober.

Detox will not teach the Addict how to wake up and do life differently, which is what treatment will do.

If you or a loved one is in need of detox then do know hesitate to call the phone number below, ASAP, to locate a local medical detox unit.

We can also place you or a loved one in treatment, outside your local area. This is great for addicts looking to remove themselves from toxic social circles. Best Addiction Rehabs Near You!

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