Drug Rehab Cost Should Not Stop You From Getting Treatment!

alocohol withdrawal

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According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the abuse of illicit drugs is on the rise.

Thankfully, most addicts do toy with the idea of seeking help from a drug and alcohol rehab center.

Inpatient rehabilitation is the only systematic way to achieve a lifetime of sobriety for most people.

However, the primary concern for addicts and their families is almost always, drug rehab cost.

While the treatment cost is a major factor, it is important for you to consider the benefits that you will get from the recovery program, as well as the financing options available to help you or a loved one.

Cost Of Recovery

a pink piggy bank representing drug rehab costThough the cost of recovery may seem like a show stopper, getting help from the best drug rehab centers is definitely worth pursuing.

Every year, many addicts try to recover on their own without success.

Addiction can be powerful, and it will, in most cases, require professional help.

The aim of drug recovery facilities is to address all the issues plaguing the addict while teaching them the needed skills to live a sober life.

Costs of residential drug rehabs differ from one recovery center to the other.

For instance, a luxury drug treatment program in Malibu California will obviously cost more than your typical 30 day substance abuse program in Florida.

Residential drug rehabs are also more expensive than outpatient programs. This is because there are additional overheads that are incurred in the inpatient programs such as the cost of meals and accommodation, medical supervision, therapy, training etc.

Why Cost Should Not Be Your Determining Factor

Weighing your optionsIt is advisable to avoid choosing a substance abuse program based on cost alone.

A report shows that when patients attend enhanced drug treatment programs, they increase their chances of maintaining sobriety by 40%.

There are so many health benefits to be gained when treating a substance abuse problem.

Drug abuse can lead to severe health problems such as liver disease, brain diseases, cancer, heart disease and even death. Getting treatment will help you break the self-destructive, self-sabotaging cycle.

…Sobriety is an investment that is worth making..

Drug Rehab After Care Programs

getting after care treatment. Two hands forming a heart shape.A decent drug rehab will set you up with an outpatient/aftercare program to help eliminate most risks associated with relapsing.

If you plan to control your addiction on your own, then you will need to have extremely strong willpower. You probably know how strong your will power is. Right?

If you are like most people, then it’ll be near impossible to quit on your own without proper support. It is very easy and common for former addicts to fall back into old habits.

On an important note, the withdrawal symptoms of certain drugs, like alcohol, can be very severe, and you will need experienced medical professionals to handle a person facing withdrawal in a medically supervised detox facility.

A drug rehab center has a controlled environment where people are trained to look after the patients.

Also, as it is a close knit and an easily monitored atmosphere, a relapse while at the rehab is quite impossible.

Everybody receives proper medical treatment for both psychological and physiological problems that may have developed in the course of the addiction.

People try to stay away from drug rehabs because they think that they are very expensive. However, this is not entirely true. There are many rehabs which offer treatment to addicts free of cost. These are state-run centers and are very good.

Drug addiction is a serious illness and to ensure that you successfully overcome it, you must seek help in a drug rehab center.

Why Is Rehab Necessary?

life after rehab

A drug rehab helps eliminate most risks associated with re-addiction. If you plan to check and control your addiction on your own, you need to have a very strong willpower; without which it will be quite impossible.

It is very easy and common for former addicts to lapse to old practices and start re-intake of drugs or alcohol merely because of lack of control.

Withdrawal Symptoms Can Be Severe

On an important note, the withdrawal symptoms can be very severe detoxing off of alcohol and opiates, and will require medical supervision at a detox facility.

A drug detox center has a controlled environment where trained professionals help the addict detox. This process usually last 5-7 days. It’s sometimes needed, but not always.

If you or a loved one is struggling with an alcohol problem, then here’s a great info graph that can help determine if medically supervised detox is needed. It contains withdrawal symptoms and a detox timeline.

Reasons Why Addicts Avoid Rehab

Addicts often stay away from drug rehabs because they think that they fear them being too expensive. However, this is not entirely true. There are many rehabs which offer treatment to addicts free of cost. These are state-run centers. Not as classy as a private treatment center but it will get the job done.

Price has long been another way in which to measure one’s need for drug rehab, in that many of the best programs require a substantial fee. However, because so many drug rehab facilities have emerged, one now has a better layout of options when it comes to price.

You see, it is a simple principle of economics. Once drug rehab facilities became more accepted, more came about to meet the demand, and competing prices began.

Additionally, those prices have only become more pleasing when you go and meet with a rehab centers financial supervisor.

You heard us right, just like a hospital would, just like you may hire for your personal accounts, a financial supervisor has emerged as the go to rehab consultant.

They will do all they can in their power to get money fro your insurance company to help lessen the cost of drug rehab.

It may not be as much money as you’d like, but in some cases, it is more money than you would have ever expected out of your insurance plan.

All in all, when you or a friend or family member are beginning to seek help for their drug addiction, one must be conscious of what entering a drug rehab center means, because it is no picnic.

It will require love and support from all angles, but if that’s there, there’s no telling how successful a recovery can be.

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alocohol withdrawal