How Effective Are 12 Steps Programs

A 12 Step Program Can Help Re-reclaim Your Life

They’re effective, but they aren’t for everyone…

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Twelve step programs work great if you’re an addict who successfully completed an inpatient rehab program, or an intensive outpatient program and you’re focused on your aftercare recovery.

But… what if you have a serious addiction, and you’ve never sought inpatient treatment?

In other words, what if you’ve never fully experienced the recovery process from a professional, inpatient prospective?

If you’ve never been to rehab and your addiction is severe, then a twelve-step program is likely not for you. Click here to learn more about inpatient recovery and how to get treatment.

If you have a bad habit, that’s getting out of control, yet your not fully committed to inpatient rehab, then a twelve step program is worth trying.

What is a 12 step program?

The original program was created by the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous. The aim is to help alcoholics get sober and stay sober, by following a step-by-step recipe.

…a twelve-step program gives you a decent guide to follow so you or a loved one can overcome addiction from drugs and alcohol…

Can you find a program for any kind of addiction?

Today you’ll find programs for every addiction imaginable.

The twelve-step program treats recovery as a lifelong process, which makes it an effective aftercare tool for addicts who complete rehab.

What are the 12 steps in recovery

  1. Admitting you are powerless and that your addiction has become unmanageable.
  2. Asking for support to restore balance to your life
  3. Making a decision to turn yourself over to that support or higher power.
  4. Creating an inventory of what you want for yourself.
  5. Admitting you have been wrong
  6. Committing to removing these defects or habits in behavior.
  7. Asking for support in removing these habits.
  8. Making a list of people who you have harmed and making amends to them.
  9. Making direct amends to these individuals unless it may injure yourself or affect the other person extremely negatively to harm their own health.
  10. Reassessing your personal inventory of traits you would like to change.
  11. Meditating and making up personal effort to improve yourself through prayer and reflection.
  12. Finding your awakening or experiencing life with new habits free of your addiction.

As you can see a twelve-step program gives you a decent guide to follow so you or a loved one can overcome addiction from drugs and alcohol.

Also, it’s important to note that many inpatient rehab centers incorporate 12-step programs into their treatment plans.

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