Fentanyl Abuse - what a lethal dose looks like compared to a lethal dose of heroin

Fentanyl Abuse and How to Get Help

Fentanyl is a dangerous drug is that it is leading to abuse, addiction and death through legal, prescribed use as well as from street sales. Here's how to identify a Fentanyl abuse problem and how to get treatment.
How much does rehab cost

Rehabilitation Center Cost

Rehab Cost And How to Pay For It! Here's an honest look at the average cost of residential treatment for addiction and mental health across the country. I am a business guy and I have spent...
quitting cold turkey

Why Quitting Alcohol Cold Turkey Could Be Deadlier Than Kicking Heroin

Alcohol Withdrawal: Cold Turkey Dangers Is Quitting Cold Turkey Dangerous? With respect to Chronic Alcoholism, Yes. It can be deadly! What It Means To Quit Cold Turkey I'm sure most people are familiar with the term, but...
devils breath drugs

10 WEIRDEST Drugs Kids Are Doing These Days

1010. Flash BloodingYes, you heard that correctly. Flash blooding is as scary as the name sounds. The description of this practice is injecting oneself with the blood of another person who has just shot...
detox chicago

Telling Your Family About A Mental Health Issue

Due to the many stigma attached to mental health issues, it can sometimes be hugely difficult for a sufferer to confide in individuals about their condition. They may feel that their confession will be...