Medical Detox – The Insiders Guide to Safely Detoxing off Drugs.

Medical Detox

Drugs and Alcohol

Ever gone a while without any drugs or alcohol? Like you didn’t go to bed hammered the night before and you wake up feeling like hell when you shouldn’t? There’s the shakes, anxiety, and you feel like puking? It’s almost like bad a hangover, when you didn’t party. Are you experiencing any shakes, anxiety, nausea, irritability? If so, then chances are good that you’re physically dependent on drugs, alcohol or both. Many addicts attempt to withdrawal on their own. Maybe it’s a money problem (if homeless people with no insurance can go to detox then so can you) or it’s a fear story, “I don’t want to embarrass myself or my friends and family by admitting I have a problem”. Medically managed withdrawal is a necessary measure for people who are physically dependent on drugs or alcohol.If you’re serious about quitting then you have to be brave and get professional help.

Drugs that can cause physical dependence start with:

  • Alcohol
  • Sedative drugs, like Valium, sleeping pills and Xanax
  • And opiate pain killers cause physical dependence

If you or a loved one have a drug dependence problem, which means you cannot quit the drug safely, without monitoring, then get into a medical detox inpatient setting, so doctors can closely monitor and address your withdrawal symptoms.

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Unassisted withdrawal kills addicts. 

How bad is medical detox going to be?

Medical Detox is smarter than sitting out home alone.It’s not going to be a cake walk but neither is the home withdrawal approach! Having an expert staff of nurses and doctors, who understand, and want to help you through the detoxification process is the best way to go, don’t you think? It’s not going to be as bad as you think and it will be far more comfortable and safer than doing it alone. If you could surround yourself with a professional staff of physicians, a physician assistant, a nurse practitioner, registered nurses to manage the medical aspects of treatment and counselors and clinical associates who are available through the process, you would, wouldn’t you?

Doesn’t Medical Detox Cost too Much?

Many addicts and family members assume that medical detox and inpatient rehab is out or reach because of cost. Yes, detox and rehab is expensive. However…PPO and HMO insurance will typically pay the majority of treatment costs. There’s also state and federal financing available for those who do not have private health insurance. In other words, there’s no excuse! You can get treatment regardless of your income status. Avoiding medical detox and taking the solo approach to detoxing, especially when physically addicted, is dangerous and deadly.

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