Depression – It’s Causes, Treatment Options, Bonus Quiz!

facebook-depression What Causes Depression? Mood naturally fluctuates and everyone experiences highs and lows in their lives, but It’s estimated that 10% of people will at some points in their lives suffer from depression, a mood disorder characterized by several symptoms such as: feeling sad distressed unmotivated excessively tired losing interest in once-pleasurable activities known as anhedonia. […] Continue reading →

10 WEIRDEST Drugs Kids Are Doing These Days

devils breath drugs e have been warned about how harmful drugs can be and to stay away from them. We’ve heard about marijuana, cocaine, and meth, but there are a few names to add to this list. Here are ten of the weirdest drugs kids are doing these days. 10. Flash blooding Yes, you heard that correctly. Flash blooding […] Continue reading →

Outpatient Drug Rehab

outpatient drug rehab Outpatient Drug Rehab – Frequently Asked Questions HO interviewed Dennis Hansen with New Beginning Recovery in Palm Beach Gardens Florida. Dennis is setting trends with his hybrid outpatient drug rehab, something novel to the drug and alcohol rehabilitation industry. We felt a succinct question and answer type format would help you, the reader, learn more […] Continue reading →